Adult Beginners Series Practice Pieces Level 1 - Bronze

Adult Beginners Series Practice Pieces Level 1 - Bronze


This book contains fresh, interesting music for adult beginners. It begins with single-note melodies in Middle C position and introduces basic tempo and dynamic markings. Accompaniments begin with drones for steadiness and hand coordination, progressing to simple free accompaniments with single notes and chords. Technique includes whole, half, dotted half, quarter and eighth notes and rests; flats and sharps, staccato, legato, slur, accent mark, crescendo/decrescendo, 8va/8vb, and 15ma. All pieces use 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures. Selections use a variety of five-finger patterns in both hands before introducing C, F, and G Major key signatures. All pieces are fingered. The later pieces require occasional thumb tucks and finger crossovers. Several songs include scale patterns.  




Country Dance, Serenade, Slow Walking, On the Up and Up, Twos and Threes, Sailing, Square Dance, Follow the Leader, Swaying Dance, March, Ping Pong, Soldiers on Parade, Elfin Dance, Angel Song, Bouncing Balls, Fiddler's Tune, Running Up and Down, Bells

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