A graduate of the University of Utah's music composition and theory program, Shauna Bolton went on to complete a year of graduate music study at Brigham Young University in composition, musicology, advanced music theory, and strict counterpoint before pursuing a career in the law. 


Shauna Bolton has taught piano lessons for children, teens, and adults since 1985. She began composing teaching pieces for her students to meet their unique needs. Her collection of original teaching pieces created over the years forms the basis for the Adult Beginners Series books presented here.


Her music training started with piano lessons at six years old, followed by choir and orchestra classes in her early teens. Shauna Bolton both accompanied and conducted choirs, served as the rehearsal/performance pianist for school and community musicals, and provided music for worship services, hospitals, wedding receptions, funerals, luncheons, and dinners in the U.S. and abroad. Her music has been performed at public and private recitals and by university and church choirs. She plays both classical piano and improvisatory jazz. 


A life-long student of music, Ms. Bolton studied composition with Bruce Reich and Lowell Durham at the University of Utah and with Merrill Bradshaw, Thomas Durham, and David Sargent at Brigham Young University. She studied piano performance with Bonnie Winterton at the University of Utah and with George Barth at Stanford University; organ with Mormon Tabernacle organist Roy Darley; and viola privately with Marcia Bramble of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Clyn Barrus at Brigham Young University.